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Francisco A. Ocana

Francisco A. Ocaña

Associate Professor
Department of Statistics and Operations Research
Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Granada
Granada (Spain)

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Postal address: [Postal address]
Departamento de Estadística e Investigación Operativa
Facultad de Farmacia
Campus de Cartuja, s.n.
18071 Granada, Spain
(+34) 958 249 047

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Letter ñ: As you can see, there is a letter not belonging to the english alphabet in my surname: ñ (it is a n with a diacritical tilde). Some help for writing ñ is provided in The Pennsylvania State University. The ñ in Wikipedia.

 ñ   = \~n [TeX] = ALT+164 [ASCII] = &+ntilde+; [(a string, remove +) HTML]
 Ñ  = \~N [TeX] = ALT+165 [ASCII] = &+Ntilde+; [(a string, remove +) HTML]      


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Francisco A. Ocaña Lara
Last update: 21 July 2022