Basic and general skills

This Doctoral Programme will guarantee, at a minimum, the acquisition of the following basic skills, as well as those listed in the Spanish Qualifications Framework for Higher Education (MECES):

CB11. Develop systematic understanding of a field of study and master the research skills and methods related to that field.
CB12. Conceive, design, create and implement a substantial research process or process of creation.
CB13. Contribute to the expansion of the boundaries of knowledge through original research.
CB14. Critically analyse, evaluate and synthesise new and complex ideas.
CB15. Communicate with the academic and scientific community and with society at large about their fields of knowledge in the modes and languages commonly used in their international scientific community.
CB16. Foster - in academic and professional contexts - scientific, technological, social, artistic or cultural advances within a knowledge-based society.

Personal abilities and skills

Likewise, obtaining the doctoral degree certificate will provide a high level of professional qualification in several fields, especially in those that require creativity and innovation. Graduates of this doctoral programme will be able to:

CA01. Make progress in contexts where there is little specific information.
CA02. Identify the key questions that need to be answered to solve a complex problem.
CA03. Design, create, develop and undertake novel and innovative projects in their field of knowledge.
CA04. Work both in a team and independently in an international or multidisciplinary context.
CA05. Integrate knowledge, deal with complexity, and formulate judgments with limited information.
CA06. Critique and defend solutions in an intellectual way.

Other skills

CC01. Understand science in a comprehensive way. Contribute to the modelling of natural processes.
CC02. Find connections between diverse physical and mathematical theories.
CC03. Give a mathematical meaning to the contents of physics and vice versa. matemáticos.
CC04. Read and understand research papers.
CC05. Present mathematical and physical contents in front of a specialised audience. Convince the other sciences that interrelationships with physics and mathematics significantly increases mutual results.