Universidad de Granada Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

Joint Oceanographic Institutions/US Science Support Programs (JOI/USSSP)
Grant #F99S297A
Ash record from ODP-Leg 191, Site 1179 in the northwestern Pacific.
Duration: 2001-2003
Principal Investigator: Carlota Escutia.
Joint Oceanographic Institutions/US Science Support Programs (JOI/USSSP) Grant #F99F327A
Ash Record Seaward of the Izu-Bonin Trench: ODP-Leg 185, Site 1149
Duration: 1999-2003
Principal Investigator: Carlota Escutia
National Science Foundation-Office of Polar Programs
Grant #9815085.
Quaternary Glacial History of the Wilkes Land Margin, Antarctica.
Duration: 1999-2002
Principal Investigators: C. Escutia, D. Warnke, and C. Lee
Joint Oceanographic Institutions/US Science Support Programs (JOI/USSSP)
Grant #F000889.
Glacial and Glaciomarine Processes and Events from Correlation between ODP Leg 178 Drillhole Data and Seismic Reflection Profiles.
Duration: 1998-2002
Principal Investigator: Carlota Escutia
Commission for Cultural Educational and Scientific Exchange between the United States of America and Spain.
Grant # 99120.
GEMARANT Project Influence of West and East Antarctic Ice Sheet evolution in the morphology and the deposition of sedimentary sequences of the Antarctic Peninsula and the Wilkes Land margins, Antarctica.
Duration: 1999-2000
Principal Investigator, Spain: Miquel Canals
Principal Investigator, USA: Carlota Escutia
Joint Oceanographic Institutions (JOI)/US Science Support Program (USSSP)
Grant #59-53-102
Site Augmentation Survey for the ODP Wilkes Land Proposal (Escutia et al., 1997, #482-Full3). Tsukuba, Japan, March-April, 1997.
Duration: 1997
Principal Investigator: Carlota Escutia
WEGA Project: late Cenozoic Antarctic Ice-Sheet history from the sedimentary record in the Wilkes Land margin and its link with global climate changes and sea level fluctuations.
Duration: 1997-2003
Principal Investigator: Drs. Giuliano Brancolini and Laura De Santis Instituto Nazionale de Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale (OGS)
Stanford Project on Deep-Sea Depositional Systems (SPODDS) Industrial Affiliates Program second annual review and field workshop.
Funded participant and invited lecturer. Coalinga, September 30 to October 3, Duration: 1994.
Principal Investigator: Dr. Stephan Graham
Joint Committee of Science and Technology of the U.S. Spain Treaty of Friendship (Project CCA 8309/47).
EBROMS (Ebro Margin Studies)-CADIMS (Cadiz Margin Studies).
Interdisciplinary study of the Ebro and Cadiz continental margins consisting of seismic stratigraphic (multichannel and high-resolution), sedimentological, geotechnical, geochemical, and physical oceanographic studies.
Principal Investigators: Drs. Andrés Maldonado Lopez and Hans Nelson
IGME Project. Geologic mapping of the Spanish continental shelf and slope (Barcelona: 35-42E).
Duration: 1984-1986
Principal Investigator: Dr. Andres Maldonado y J. Medialdea