Universidad de Granada Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

Boulder, Colorado, Southern Ocean Paleoceanography Workshop. 2005.
Royal Institute of Natural Sciences, Be-Poles conference: “ Climate change explained from the key position of the  North and South Pole ".(Brussels, Belgium).
Interview for the local newspaper ECOS DEL CINCA, Issued: 20 March, 2003.
Interviewed for El Pais (a National Spanish Newspaper) for the article artículo “Mujeres Bajo Cero” (woman under zero) published on the Sunday 8, 2004 issue, pg. 10.
Texas A&M University-Ocean Drilling Program. Designed and lectured a web-based teaching for Elementary School students on “Ice Volume and Sea-Level Change”.
Hispanic Radio Network, Mundo 2000. One-hour long live interview on Global Climate Change broadcasted from National Public Radio studios in Washington D.C. March 4, 1998.
Hispanic Radio Network, Mundo 2000. Interview on the effect that the break-up of the Antarctic ice shelves has on sea level change. April 28, 1998.
KRON TV (San Francisco Bay Area, CA): Interview about Global climate change as evidenced by Antarctic ice cores. July 1998.