The CDT in Physics

The Doctoral College in Physics in the Tordesillas group of Universities will be formally started in a meeting of the Rectors of the participating Universities (Sevilla, Granada, Lisboa, Minas Gerais, Fluminense, Sao Paulo, and Münster) to be held in Granada, Spain during november 12,13 2018. The College is created with the aim of reinforcing or starting scientific collaborations at the graduate or Ph.D levels, focussing mainly on the mobility and exchange between students and senior scientists. The collaboration in physical research should bring about synergies between the different groups linked to the consortium of Universities and dedicated to investigation in Physics, covering practically all areas of this science.

The November Meeting

As a starting point, a preliminary meeting between doctoral representatives of the universities involved, it was decided to arrange a meeting of scientists from the six universities, including both students and senior researchers. The topics, quite open, cover many fields of specialization of the groups. It is an excellent opportunity to strengthen links between them, start new projects, eventually poreparing grant proposals in the future,...