Granada 8-9 November 2007


- Research Project: “Developing a thematic network: “Swimming Science”
DEP2006-56004/ACTI [Acción Estratégica sobre Deporte y Actividad Física. Programas Nacionales del Plan Nacional de Investigación Científica, Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica 2004-07]

- University of Granada
- Fundación Universidad-Empresa
- Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences

The scientific program covers:

* All basic scientific aspects of the swimming sport,
* Theoretical basis of swimming teaching and training,
* Pedagogical aspects of sport teaching and training,
* Training of swimming teachers and coaches,
* Problems related to organization of swimming training.

The types of presentations will be:

* International invited lectures (40 minutes plus 10 minutes of questions),
* National Invited lectures (20 minutes plus 5 minutes of questions)
* Free communications (10 minutes plus 3 minutes of questions)

We invite:

* Academic teachers and professors
* Coaches and instructors of sport for the disabled
* Swimming, synchronyzed and water-polo coaches
* Students of various schools related with Physical Education and Sport Sciences

Organizing Committee:
Chairman: Ph.D. Raúl Arellano Colomina
Secretary: Ph.D. Gracia López-Contreras
Members: Ph. D. Esther Morales, Encarnación Fernández

Scientific Comitte:
Ph. D. Fernando Navarro, Ph. D. Jose A. Sánchez

General information
Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences - University of Granada
Address: Carretera de Alfacar, sn - 18011 - Granada
The University School of Physical Education in is the host of the Symposium

Symposium language:
Spanish and English are the official Symposium languages (it will not be simultaneous translation)

Dates to remember
October 28, 2007 Deadline for full 4-6 pages abstract submission.

- Full papers after acceptance of reviewers will be published in an Edited Book: Swimming Science sponsored by the Swimming Science Network
- All the first author of the free communications accepted will have the registration free.

The information will be provided under request.