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Magnetic Soft Matter Group

Research on magnetic materials

A Mission

The Magnetic Soft Matter Group is a multidisciplinary group of young researchers from diverse backgrounds in physics, chemistry, biology, biotechnology, chemical engineering, industrial and telecommunication engineering.

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An international well established team with the passion for Magnetic research

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In the Singular Laboratory in Advanced Technologies F2N2Lab at the University of Granada, the group carries out cutting-edge research on magnetic nanomaterials through rheomicroscopy experiments, particle-level simulations (molecular dynamics), and finite element method simulations. Currently, we are developing several Nanomedicine applications, in particular cancer treatment and tissue regeneration methods, through the use of non-stationary triaxial magnetic fields using our specially designed equipment. The group collaborates with leading international researchers and research institutes as well as renowned multinational companies (Total Marketing Services, Maxamcorp Holding S. L., Unilever R&D, PDVSA, Repsol-YPF, Kolmer S.A., Rylesa, Polymat, NanoMyP, Nanogetic, Microliquid and Operon).