First Meeting of ProGEO Regional Working Group SW Europe (France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain)

Caravaca de la Cruz (Spain), September 15-18, 2010

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We are pleased to invite you to attend the inaugural meeting of ProGEO's Southwest Europe Regional Working Group, organized in conjunction and within the International Conference on Geoevents, Geological Heritage, and the Role of the IGCP to be held in Caravaca de la Cruz, southeastern Spain, from Wednesday 15th to Saturday 18th of September 2010.

Many regional meetings of the different Working Groups of ProGEO have been organized at variable intervals under the sponsorship of a local host national group volunteering to patronize an event of this kind. The organization of a Southwest Regional Working Group encompassing France, Italy, Portugal and Spain has been delayed for too long. The Spanish members of ProGEO have decided to take the opportunity provided by the Municipal Council of Caravaca, which has graciously offered to sponsor the conference, in cooperation with the IGCP Spanish National Committee and the Commission on Geological Heritage of the Geological Society of Spain.

We therefore invite all members of ProGEO from France, Italy and Portugal to join us and present their experiences, activities and accomplishments in geoconservation at their respective countries, to participate in fieldtrips and social activities organized for the event, and to further discuss topics of common interest in relation with geoheritage and geodiversity. Participation is open to colleagues from other countries.

This meeting is also open to anybody interested in geoconservation and geoheritage, whether members or not of the aforementioned organizations. It will be an excellent occasion to deal with, share and promote initiatives and projects having in common the geoheritage of southwestern Europe.

This first decade of the 21st Century has seen a fast advancement of concepts and ideas in geoconservation, numerous initiatives have been taken in this direction, and many colleagues are becoming interested on the subject and willing to contribute. In this sense, it is important to hold periodical meetings in order to share and learn, contribute and participate.

The celebration of the event in conjunction with the IGCP Spanish Committee is not trivial. So far, the results of IGCP Projects have allowed to recognize and set aside numerous localities worldwide, which show uniqueness in their fossil record, stratigraphic significance, geomorphological features, etc., and which frequently are of global relevance. These findings prompted conservation programs such as Geosites and Geoparks to the IGCP. The inventory, charaterization and proper management of these localities will allow their preservation, thereby building mutually beneficial relationships between geoscientists, site owners and/or local and regional authorities.

Invited talks

  • IUCN contribution to geoconservation: perspectives from the Mediterranean Office
    by Andrés Alcántara, UICN-Med Spanish liaison Coordinator.
  • Geoconservation in Italy: from census to promotion
    by Gerardo Brancucci, Italian representative to ProGEO, M. Burlando, V. Marin and P. Salmona.
  • Geoconservation in Portugal: an updated perspective about geosites inventory, legal setting, conservation and educational issues
    by José Brilha, Portuguese representative to ProGEO.
  • Advances on Geoconservation in Spain.
    by Enrique Díaz, Chairman of the Geological Heritage Commission of the Geological Society of Spain, IGME
  • European Geopark Network and the Spanish Geoparks by Milagros Pérez Villalba, Red Espacios Naturales Protegidos de Andalucía, Luis Alcalá, Pablo Rivas Palomo and Alicia Serna Barquero.
  • Geoheritage in France: from inventory to geotourism
    by Patrick de Wever, French representative to ProGEO.



    Geological Society of Spain (Commission on Geological Heritage)
    European Association for the Conservation of Geological Heritage (ProGEO)
    Caravaca de la Cruz Municipal Council


    Caravaca de la Cruz Municipal Council


    Geological Survey of Spain (IGME)
    IUCN Office for the Mediterranean (IUCN-Med)
    Regional Government of Murcia
    Spanish Committee of IUCN (CEUICN)
    Spanish Society for the Defense of Geological and Mining Heritage
    Consejería de Medio Ambiente, Junta de Andalucía
    Conjunto Paleontológico de Teruel-Dinópolis Foundation,
    Depto. de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, Regional Government of Aragon
    Municipal Council of Jumilla (Murcia)
    University of Granada
    University of Murcia
    Polytechnic University of Cartagena

Organizing Committee

National coordinators:


    Asunción Alías Linares
    Gregorio Romero Sánchez

Scientific Committee:

    Artur Abreu Sá
    Consuelo Arias
    Félix Bellido
    Juan C. Braga Alarcón
    Luis Carcavilla Urquí
    Cristina Giovagnoli
    Cayetano Herrero
    Emilio Herrero
    Nadia Herrero Martínez
    José Ignacio Manteca
    Josep María Mata Perelló
    Luis Nieto Albert
    Diamantino Pereira
    Félix Pérez Lorente
    Ángel Salazar Rincón
    Carlos de Santisteban Bové
    Lorenzo Vilas Minondo

Scientific secretary: Guillermo Meléndez Hevia


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A sightseeing of Caravaca

Important deadlines

Contact: Asunción Alías Linares or Gregorio Romero Sánchez

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