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Caravaca de la Cruz (Spain), September 15-18, 2010


Field-trip to the Maestrazgo Cultural Park

by Luis Alcalá* and José Luis Simón**
*Conjunto Paleontológico de Teruel-Dinópolis Foundation, **Universidad de Zaragoza

In the Maestrazgo Cultural Park (Teruel) was stablished the Maestrazgo European & Global Geopark. It is one of the four founder members of the European Geopark Network.

As a part of this Geopark, the Geological Park of Aliaga is an exceptional site to learn the Earth secrets. Its landscapes show a history of more than 200 Ma. There are evidences of a great scientific value, which are useful tools for learning Geology. Walking through the park, the Earth history may be read stratum by stratum, having a look about old ocean evolutions, evoking different animals and plants, whose life was spent there, or imagining the causes which produced its landscapes.

An almost continue succession from the Upper Triassic to the Neogene underwent two system of folding, what produced extraordinary structures.

Other interesting site is found in Galve, a well known locality for its paleontological richness, e.g., dinosaurs from Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous, which are a landmark for our knowledge of the "Reptilian Era". The Cerradicas localitiy is famous by its dinosaurian ichnites, a protected site by the Regional Government of Aragon, and selected with other nine iberian localities as representatives of the dinosaurian evolution in the Iberian Peninsula. The first new dinosaurian in Spain, the genus Aragosaurus was found in Galve, as well as several type-localities of Mesozoic vertebrata.

First Day, Saturday 18th: Dinosaurian from Galve
Departure from Caravaca at 8:45h. Pabellón Multiservicios.
Lunch at Teruel

1st Stop: An overview of Galve: its geological setting and paleontology of the area.
2nd Stop: Dinosarian ichnites outcrop in Las Cerradicas. A locality qualified as Cultural Interest Site by the Regional Government of Aragon.
3rd Stop: Dinópolis satelite center at Galve. It has a specimen of the dinosaurian Sauropoda Aragosaurus ischiaticus.

Dinner and overnight at Teruel

Second Day, Sunday 19th: Aliaga Geological Park
Departure from Teruel at 9h

4th Stop: General overwiew from the Mirador del Alto de Camarillas.
5th Stop: Compression fault in La Porra Urgonian limestone facies. A limestone tower around 25 m high, caused by differencial solution of vertical beds belonging to the Villarroya de los Pinares Formation.
6th Stop: La Olla (the pot), a lankmark of the Aliaga Geological Park. It is an extraordinarie fold with a curve axial area.
7th Stop: Visit to the guest center of the Aliaga Geological Park.
8th Stop: Travelling through the Guadalope River Cañón carved on Upper Cretaceous limestone and dolomie, from Aliaga to La Aldehuela. An overview of the Peña del Barbo and complex snake-like folds.
Lunch at Aliaga
9th Stop: the Hoya Marina-Canaleta Cave. Contact between folded Cretaceous beds and the Tertiary of the Cobatillas basin. Intratertiary angular discordance and aluvial proximal fan facies.

Arrival at Teruel around 18:30h
There is a possibility to visit Dinópolis-Teruel.
Dinner and overnight at Teruel, for those participant who choosing that option.

This field-trip is sponsored by the Regional Government of Aragon. A visit to the geopark.

This field-trip to the Maestrazgo Geopark involves overnight stay, and fees include: transportation from Caravaca to Teruel, visit to the geopark, meals and hotel costs. The field trip will end on Sunday 19th, at 18:30h, in Teruel.
It is possible to travel by bus to Valencia, on Sunday 19th evening (departing to 19h and arriving to Valencia at 21h) for delegates whose flights depart from Valencia airport in the early morning on Monday September 20.
On Monday 20th early morning, there is a direct bus from Teruel to Madrid, departing to 6:30h, and arriving to Madrid bus station at 10h (you will need to arrive to Madrid airport terminal about 2-3h before take-off, better contact your airline).

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