Research lines

Currently, the FQM302 group is developing several research lines. Our top priority is the proposal of new, fast, sensitive and reliable analytical methods, based on miniaturised techniques, compatible with the environment, and with the sensitivity required by the legal limits established by the EU in different fields.

Quality and safety in food

  • Pesticide residue analysis in vegetables and fruits.
  • Drug residue analysis (mainly antibiotics) in foods of animal origin (milk, meat, eggs, etc.).
  • Development of analytical methods for the detection of micotoxins in foods and beverages.

Environmental quality control

  • Development of analytical methods for the detection of pesticide residues and their degradation products in soil, sludge and water samples.
  • Development of analytical methods for the analysis of emergent organic pollutants (pharmaceutical products, antibiotics, hormones, etc.) in natural water samples and waste water samples.

Quality control of pharmaceutical products and therapeutic monitoring in biological fluids

  • Proposal of rapid methods for the quality control of active compounds in drugs.
  • Study of degradation products, impurity detection and separation of enantiomers in drugs.
  • Analysis of drugs in biological fluids (urine, serum, plasma) for the adjustment of therapeutic dosage.

Analysis of drugs of abuse in samples of interest in forensic laboratories

  • Development of alternative methodologies employing miniaturized techniques for the determination of drugs of abuse.
  • Study of the different possibilities of preconcentration and extraction techniques for the analysis of drugs of abuse in numerous samples of forensic interest (blood, serum, urine, hair, etc.).