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  • Last updated on February the 6th of 2023



Electronics, Neuroengineering, signal processing, Mobile Applications and Neural Computation are the main pillars of The NeuroEngineering and Computing Lab (NECO Lab). The use of new technologies related to IoT and electronics intregration bring us the opportunity to develop and adapt clasical psychophysiological paradigms for Real-time applications non-restricted to isolated labs. For the near future, we foresee the use of smart bidirecctional neurodevices for the cloud-computing of cerebral activity. New Close-loop designs with interactive and ubiquous services will enable new neuro-paradigms and approaches: The vision pathway will not be any more the only window to the brain.


BCI - Computational neuroscience - Neurometry - Virtual Reality - Biosignal processing - Electronics - wearables


Computational neuroscience

Brain-Computer Interfaces

Electronic Design and wearables

Next-Generation Neural Interfaces