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  • Last updated: October 27th, 2023



Electronics, neuroengineering, signal processing, mobile applications and neural computation are the main pillars of the Neural Engineering and COmputing (NECO) Lab. The use of new technologies related to IoT and electronics bring us the opportunity to develop and adapt clasical psychophysiological paradigms to real-time applications. We envisage the use of smart bidirectional neural devices for developing sophisticated brain/cloud interfaces. New close-loop designs with interactive and ubiquitous services will deliver powerful and genuine BCI tools. Finally, next generation computational models will enable a better understanding of how cortical circuit configurations shape electrophysiological signals and will have enormous benefits to fundamental neuroscientific knowledge and clinical practice.


BCI - Computational neuroscience - Neurometry - Virtual Reality - Biosignal processing - Electronics - wearables


Computational neuroscience

Brain-Computer Interfaces

Electronic Design and wearables

Next-Generation Neural Interfaces