Banach Algebras and Applications Granada 2022

  • All talks, from Monday 18 to Friday 22, will be in Room F1, Facultad de Ciencias. The Coffee breaks will be served at the Cafeteria of Facultad de Ciencias.
  • The talks and coffee break on Saturday 23 will be held at Instituto de Matemáticas (IMAG). Details will be provided at the conference.
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Monday, July 18

Time Speaker Title
09:00–09:30 Registration and opening
09:30–10:20 Javier Parcet A new inequality for Schur multipliers
10:30–11:00 Coffee break
11:00–11:30 Niels Laustsen A \(C(K)\)-space with few operators
11:40–12:10 Viktor Losert The centre of the bidual of Fourier algebras
12:20–12:50 Mª Eugenia Celorrio Arens regularity of weighted semigroup algebras of totally ordered semigroups
15:30–16:20 Adam Skalski On certain operator Hecke algebras arising as deformations of group algebras of Coxeter groups
16:30–17:00 Coffee break
17:00–17:30 Jorge Galindo Uniform ergodicity of operators associated to random walks on locally compact groups
17:40–18:10 Jared White Weak*-closed ideals of dual Banach algebras
20:00–22:00 Reception

Tuesday, July 19

Time Speaker Title
09:00–09:50 Eva Gallardo Insights into the invariant subspace problem for compact perturbations of normal operators
10:00–10:30 Zinaida Lykova A Hilbert space approach to singularities of functions
10:35–11:00 Coffee break
11:00–11:30 Gerhard Racher Weak compactness and property (T)
11:40–12:10 Miles Askes A generalization of the spectral rank in Banach algebras to rings
12:20–12:50 Francois Schulz Spectrally additive maps on Banach algebras
15:30–16:20 Michael Hartz Interpolation in algebras of multipliers on the ball
16:30–17:00 Coffee break
17:00–17:30 Antoine Derighetti On Herz’s extension theorem
17:40–18:10 James Smith Ideals in the algebra of operators on Baernstein’s space

Wednesday, July 20

Time Speaker Title
09:00–09:50 Mahya Ghandehari Applications of square-integrable representations in wavelet and frame theory
10:00–10:30 Mahmoud Filali On the centre of ideals with an Arens product
10:35–11:00 Coffee break
11:00–11:30 Ronalda Benjamin \(r\)-Fredholm theory in general ordered Banach algebras
11:40–12:10 John Sawatzky Amenability constant of central Fourier algebras of finite groups
11:40–12:10 Max Arnott Uniqueness of norms of quotient algebras of bounded operators on Banach spaces
15:30–16:00 Yong Zhang Approximately amenable and pseudo-amenable Banach algebras
16:10–16:40 Oluwatosin T. Mewomo On minimum-norm solutions of the split variational inequality problem beyond monotonicity
19:30 Visit to Albaicín

Thursday, July 21

Time Speaker Title
09:00–09:50 Ivan Todorov An operator algebraic approach to quantum non-local games
10:00–10:30 Tomasz Kochanek Compact perturbations of operator semigroups
10:35–11:00 Coffee break
11:00–11:30 Laurent Marcoux On Specht’s theorem in UHF C*-algebras
11:40–12:10 Martin Mathieu Relative cohomology for operator modules over operator algebras
12:20–12:50 Gage Hoefer Quantum hyper graph homomorphisms and operator systems
20:30 Banquet

Friday, July 22

Time Speaker Title
09:00–09:50 Antonio M. Peralta New approaches to the Gleason-Kahane-Zelazko and Kowalski-Slodkowski theorems
10:00–10:30 Elizabeth Strouse Truncated Toeplitz operators
10:35–11:00 Coffee break
11:00–11:30 Rudi Brits A multiplicative spectral characterization of characters of C*-algebras
11:40–12:10 Nicholas Young Newton-Girard and Waring-Lagrange theorems for two non-commuting variables
12:20–12:50 Muhammad Hassen On Aupetit’s scarcity theorem
15:30–16:20 Tatiana Shulman Central sequence algebras via nilpotent elements
16:30–17:00 Coffee break
17:00–17:30 Antonio Jiménez-Vargas On local isometries between algebras of C(Y)-valued differentiable maps
17:40–18:10 José Manuel Conde Alonso Balanced Fourier truncations on the free group

Saturday, July 23

Time Speaker Title
09:00–09:50 Eric Ricard Almost contractive maps
10:00–10:30 Volker Runde Is the Fourier algebra of \(\mathbb{F}_{2}\) amenable in the cb-multiplier norm?
10:30–11:00 Coffee break
11:00–11:30 Jean Esterle Picard-Borel ideals in Fréchet algebras are prime
11:40–12:10 María Luisa C. Godoy Two-sided zero product preservers on zero product determined Banach algebras
12:20–12:50 Nico Spronk Traces on group C*-algebras

Social Activities

  • There will be a reception in the gardens of Carmen de la Victoria, in front of The Alhambra, on Monday night. Details will be provided in the conference.
  • On Wednesday we will visit the touristic neighbourhood of Albaicín visiting some of their most interesting spots.
  • The banquet will take place on Thursday night. If you have any dietary requirements, please contact the organizers as soon as possible.

The reception and the excursion to Albaicin are included in the registration fee.