II NarTrans International Seminar



28, 29 Y 30 APRIL 2015



The seminar is free of charge, but those wishing to attend should register.

University of Granada students: further information on registration will be provided shortly in the Faculty of Communication and Documentation.

Submitting panel discussion proposals

Proposals related to the seminar topics should come with a maximum 300 word summary and a 100 word curriculum. The maximum time limit for presentations is 15 minutes. Applicants will be sent instructions for paying a fee of 50 euros. Proposals will be published in a volume accompanying the minutes of the I and II Seminars.

Proposals for panel discussions should be sent to transmedia(at)ugr.es by 10 April 2015.

Transmedia Project Presentations

The II Seminar provides the space and resources for the presentation of transmedia projects relating to the world of fiction, advertising and information. This not only allows projects to reach a broad and diverse audience but also provides an opportunity for interchange and dialogue with other professionals and researchers. The seminar is interested in productions from young companies and any who have decided to incorporate transmedia innovation in their production methods. Similarly, the seminar is open to projects that have completed their first production phase and are near to conclusion. A 5-10 page dossier, with the details of these productions, should be sent by email. Please indicate if the audio-visual materials cannot be freely accessed so that a means can be found to exchange files with teasers or the documentation considered necessary.

Project presentations should be sent to transmedia(at)ugr.es by 10 April 2015.

Registration form