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Juan Lupiáñez or Alicia Callejas


Phone: +34 958 240663 or +34 958 240667

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Departamento de Psicología Experimental
Facultad de Psicología
Universidad de Granada
Campus Universitario de Cartuja s/n
18071 Granada

Research Participation

Estimates of the prevalence of synesthesia range widely. When a particular person realizes he or she is a synesthete, the most common reaction is amazement because up to that moment the usual thought was that everyone experienced the world in such a way.

The Cognitive Neuroscience Lab is very interested in contacting with people who experience synesthesia.

If you believe you might be one of them, please, contact us. We will be happy to help you, assess and study your case and give you information.

Internet Participation

If you want to be part of our studies, please use the following links.

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