PhD in Geology (1978). University of Granada (Spain).

Present position

Honorary Emeritus Professor
Emerity Professor since october 1, 2018 to September 30, 2020.
Full Professor. Crystallography and Mineralogy. University of Granada (Spain).

Research interests

  • Paleoceanography and paleoenvironments. Climate variability and global change.
  • Catastrophic events (Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary): Mineralogical and Geochemical proxies.
  • Environmental Geochemistry and Mineralogy

Specialization-UNESCO: 250611, 250614, 250306, 250205.

Academic Responsabilities

  • 1996-2012: Head of Department of Mineralogy and Petrology. University of Granada. Spain.

CNEAI (Spain)-Individual Evaluation of Research Activities

Seven research levels achieved, evaluated every six years: 2014-2009, 2008-2003, 2002-1997, 1996-1991, 1990-1985, 1984-1979, 1978-1973.

Scientific Societies and Editorial Board

  • 2001-2005: Associated Editor of Clay Minerals Journal (JCR).
  • Editor and Field-Trip Manager of the Impact Markers in the Stratigraphic Record. 6th European Science Foundation. 2001.
  • 1995-1998: Member of the Network on Impact Cratering and Evolution of Planet Earth. European Science Foundation.
  • 1994-1996: President of Clays Spanish Society.
  • 1994-1996: Governing Board Councilor of the European Clay Groups Association.
  • Editor of the Advances in Clay Minerals. Spanish-Italian Meeting on Clay Minerals. 1996
  • Editor of the Proceedings of several Annual Meeting of the Clays Spanish Society: IX (1987, Madrid), X (1988, Madrid), XI (1991, Madrid), XII (1994, Sevilla), XIII (1995, Almería) and XIV (1997, Santiago de Compostela).
  • Editor and Field-Trip Manager of the 6th Meeting of the European Clay Groups (Euroclay’87).

Some representative Committee Services

  • Member of the Natural Resources and Environment Committee (Andalusian Programme Research, PAI. Andalusian Regional Government) (1995-2005).
  • Member of Network on Impact Cratering and Evolution of Planet Earth (ESF) (1995-1998).
  • Claims Commission at the University of Granada (1998-2011).
  • Governing Board Councilor of Natural Reserve of Sierra Nevada, Andalucía, Spain (1998-2009).
  • Member of the Board Committee “Interuniversity Research Institute of the Earth System in Andalucía” (former CEAMA), since 2004.
  • President (2005-2009) and Member (2003-2005) of Experimental Sciences Committee (PEP). National Quality Assurance Agency (ANECA, Spain).
  • Governing Board Councilor of the Coordination Committee of the Programmes for Evaluation of Teaching (2005-2009) (Academia and PEP. ANECA, Spain).
  • Coordinator FPU Grant 2012-2013, 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 Earth Sciences Programme. Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (MECD) and National Quality Assurance Agency (ANECA).
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