Geoevents, Geological Heritage, and the Role of the IGCP

Caravaca de la Cruz (Spain), September 15-18, 2010


Invited talks


  • IUCN contribution to geoconservation: perspectives from the Mediterranean Office
    by Andrés Alcántara, UICN-Med Spanish liaison Coordinator.
  • Geoconservation in Italy: from census to promotion
    by Gerardo Brancucci, Italian representative to ProGEO, M. Burlando, V. Marin and P. Salmona.
  • Geoconservation in Portugal: an updated perspective about geosites inventory, legal setting, conservation and educational issues
    by José B. Rodrigues Brilha, Portuguese representative to ProGEO.
  • Advances on Geoconservation in Spain.
    by Enrique Díaz, Chairman of the Geological Heritage Commission of the Geological Society of Spain, IGME.
  • The rise of animals in the Neoproterozoic oceans: paleobiological and stratigraphic implications
    by Mikhail Fedonkin, Chairman of the IGCP Russian Committee.
  • Abrupt climatic changes during the Pleistocene: the microfossil contribution to environmental reconstructions
    by José A. Flores, Professor of Palaeontology, University of Salamanca, Spain, and Francisco J. Sierro.
  • The Role of the IGCP in the past and future perspectives - an insight view
    by Peter Koenigshof, Chairman of the IGCP German Committee.
  • Paleoclimates in Asia during the Cretaceous, IGCP Project 507
    by Yong Il Lee, Leader of the IGCP project no. 507, South Korea.
  • Climatic changes in the Mediterranean during the Neogene deduced from temperate and tropical carbonates
    by José M. Martín, Professor of Stratigraphy, Universidad de Granada, Juan C. Braga, Isabel M. Sánchez-Almazo and Julio Aguirre.
  • Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 (OAE-2) in Cretaceous northeastern Mexico and the effects of paleophysiography on the sediment record
    by Florentin J-M.R. Maurrasse, Professor of Geology, Florida International University, USA, Fabian Duque-Botero and Alberto Blanco-Piñón.
  • Sea-level change, biotic and human adaptations since the last 7,000 years in the NW Black Sea, Romanian shelf (IGCP 521)
    by Mihaela C. Melinte-Dobrinescu, Chairperson of the Paleontological Society of Romania, Gheorghe Oaie, Radu Dimitriu, and Andrei Briceag.
  • An ecological scenario for the first human dispersal out of Africa: inferences on the early Pleistocene large mammal communities from Western Europe
    by Paul Palmqvist, Professor of Paleontology, University of Málaga, Spain.
  • European Geopark Network and the Spanish Geoparks by Milagros Pérez Villalba, Red Espacios Naturales Protegidos de Andalucía, Luis Alcalá, Pablo Rivas Palomo and Alicia Serna Barquero.
  • On marine and non-marine Jurassic correlation: a case study in China
    by Jingeng Sha, Leader of the IGCP project no. 506, Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology, Academia Sinica, China.
  • IGCP 555 - Rapid Environmental/Climate Change in the Cretaceous Greenhouse World: Ocean-Land Interactions
    by Michael Wagreich, Co-leader of the IGCP project no. 555, Vienna, Austria, Chengshan Wang, Robert W. Scott, Hugh Jenkyns, William Hay and Yuri D. Zakharov.
  • Cretaceous scientific drilling and lacustrine environmental change of the Songliao Basin, NE China
    by Xiao Qiao Wan, Professor, China University of Geosciences, Beijing, China, Dangpen Xi and Weimin Si.
  • Geoheritage in France: from inventory to geotourism
    by Patrick de Wever, French representative to ProGEO.
  • Sea-level variability during warm intervals: the coastal record
    by Cari Zazo, Research Professor, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Madrid, Spain, Alejandro Cearreta, José L. Goy, Cristino J. Dabrio, Javier Lario, Joaquín Rodríguez-Vidal, Eduardo Leorri, Teresa Bardají, Francisco Borja, J. Angel González-Delgado, Ana Cabero and Ane García-Artola.

Open Lectures

  • Riesgos geológicos en la Cordillera Bética
    by José Chacón, Professor of Engineering Geology, Universidad de Granada, Spain.
  • La Geodiversidad, la memoria pétrea de la Humanidad. Experiencias didácticas con el Patrimonio Geológico de la Cordillera Bética en Murcia
    by Francisco Guillén, Associated Professor of Geology, Universidad de Murcia, Spain, and Antonio del Ramo.
  • Evolución geológica de la Cordillera Bética
    by Luis M. Nieto, Associated Professor of Geology, Universidad de Jaén, Spain, José M. Castro, José M. Molina, and Pedro A. Ruiz-Ortiz.
  • Contingencias en la salida del hombre de África
    by Pascual Rivas, Professor of Paleontology at the Universidad de Granada, Spain.




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