Geoevents, Geological Heritage, and the Role of the IGCP

Caravaca de la Cruz (Spain), September 15-18, 2010


Contributions to the "IGCP European Regional Meeting"

   Drobne, K., Pirc, S.,
    Biostratigraphic research of Slovenian Geologists in IGCP projects.

   Fedonkin, M., (coor.)
    Promotion and development of high quality common proposals to the IGCP.

   Ivanova, D., (coor.)
    Impact of national working group achievements on national and international research.

   Ivanova, D., Lakova, I.,
    IGCP Contributions in Bulgaria in the 21th Century (2005-2009).

   Koenigshof, P.,
    The Role of the IGCP in the past and future perspectives - an insight view.

   Marks, L., Mikulski, S.Z.,
    Activities of the Polish National Committee of IGCP and Polish geologists in the IGCP projects in 2005-2009.

   Missotten, R.,
    UNESCO Earth Science programmes in the service of Sustainable Development.

   Pasava, J., Vymazalová, A.,
    Czech IGCP National Committee - from history to presence.

   Vajda, V.,
    IGCP- challenges and visions for the future.

   Vajda, V., Lax, K., Holstam, D.,
    The Swedish National IGCP committee - the present and future.

   Vymazalová, A., (coor.)
    Way to increase collaboration between European geoscientists.

   Vymazalová, A., Pasava, J.,
    Czech IGCP National Committee -structure and activities.

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