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Caravaca de la Cruz (Spain), September 15-18, 2010


Near by Caravaca you may find allocation in Cehegín, Moratalla, Calasparra, Bullas, as well as a good offert of rural hostels attended by their respective owners

Information is available at

Accommodation at Caravaca

Hospedería Nuestra Señora del Carmen, so-called Hospedería de los Carmelitas; access is not allowed later than 12pm (door is closed) - it is a monastery hostel

    Double room - 50 euro per night
    Single room - 30 euro

Prices are per night. Breakfast: 3 euro. All prices should be increased by 7% TAV.
This hostel is in Caravaca, calle (street) Corredera 7, around 600 m from Caravaca centre, and about 15 minutes walking to the Pabellón Multiservicios (PM in the map)
Tel. +34 968708527; email: Spanish version only

Caravaca Youth Hostel

There are places available in shared rooms (8 beds/room): 15.21 euro person/night, breakfast included.
Please, contact the Secretariat for reservation as soon as possible.
The Youth Hostel is around 1 km from Caravaca centre, at the site "Las Fuentes del Marqués", but close to the Pabellón Multiservicios (PM in the map).

Apartamentos Aixa

Turist one bedroom apartments for 1 or 2 persons. Allocation only, but you may find around a lot of Cafeterias, popular prices
Week days, 55 euro
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 70 euro

These apartments are in Caravaca (AA in the map), calle (street) Aixa 1, about 20 minutes walking to the Pabellón Multiservicios (PM in the map)
Tel. +34 968 705594; or +34 630046034
booking on line

Accommodation at Cehegín

Participants coming by car, may choose among several rural hotels not far aways from Caravaca, around 10 to 30 minutes.

Hotel La Muralla***, breakfast included

    Double room, - 72.14 euro, per night
    Double room (single occupancy) - 54.10 euro, per night

Prices are per night, breakfast and TAV included.
Rooms are available from September 15th to 19th.
This hotel is in centre of Cehegín, Plaza del Castillo; 4 km from Caravaca
Tel. +34 968 723528; Fax no. +34 968 743598 Spanish version only


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