International Scientific Coordination Network

Geometric Analysis

A short explanation

This network comprises an important number of researchers from France and Spain in the mathematical field of Geometric Analysis. It provides support and structure for stimulating common research between its members.

Main goal

Create a permanent network structure that will strengthen existing collaborations and create new ones between researchers from the two countries. Organize the necessary exchange of scientific information by means of visits, conferences, seminars and advanced schools.

Get in touch

The coordinators of the network are Pascal Romon from France and Joaquín Pérez from Spain. If you want to contact us, please write an email to geometricanalysis(at)

Scientific committee

Research topics

The following list summarize the main research topics which is studied by means of geometric analysis.

  • Minimal surfaces and surfaces of constant mean curvature.
  • Riemannian, symplectic-riemannian and sub-riemannian geometry of submanifolds (lagrangian submanifolds, sub-riemannian minimal surfaces etc).
  • Isoperimetric problems.
  • Spectral theory.
  • Non-linear analysis and geometric partial differential equations.
  • Integrable systems arising from variational partial differential equations.
  • Algebraic geometry in connection with geometric analysis, methods in mathematical physics.
  • Geometric evolution problems (mean curvature and Ricci flows, etc).

Member institutions