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En el curso 2014/15 imparto docencia de "Biología Evolutiva" (1er curso del Grado de Biología) y los cursos "Creatividad, Rigor y Comunicación en Ciencia", "Discusiones multidisciplinares en Genética y Evolución" y "Filogeografía y Filogenias moleculares" dentro del Master "Genética y Evolución".



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June 21, 2014

Evolution of pollination niches and floral divergence in the generalist plant Erysimum mediohispanicum

It is conjectured that the geographic variation in pollination niches has contributed to the observed floral divergence in E. mediohispanicum. The process mediating this floral divergence presumably has been adaptive wandering, but the adaptation to the local pollinator faunas has been not universal.


July 7 , 2014

The role of pollinator diversity in the evolution of corolla-shape integration in a pollination-generalist plant clade

We quantified floral integration in Erysimum using geometric morphometrics and explored its evolution using phylogenetic comparative methods. Corolla-shape integration was low but significantly different from zero. Spatial autocorrelation and phylogenetic signal in corolla-shape integration were not detected. Integration in Erysimum seems to have evolved in a way that is consistent with Brownian motion, but with frequent convergent evolution.


July 18 , 2014

Anja defended her excelent PhD thesis

Anja Rösler sucessfully optained her PhD grade with the thesis “The origins and evolution of the Indo-Pacific reef coralline algae”. Anja's thesis was supervised by Juan Carlos Braga (Dept Paleontology) and F. Perfectti (Dept. Genetics).


September 21 , 2014

B chromosomes showing active ribosomal RNA genes contribute insignificant amounts of rRNA in the grasshopper Eyprepocnemis plorans

The level of B-specific rDNA expression is extremely low even in individuals where B chromosome rDNA is not completely silenced. The relative contribution of B chromosome rRNA genes to ribosome biogenesis appears to be insignificant.


November 28 , 2014

Association between inbreeding depression and floral traits in a generalist-pollinated plant

We explored the association between individual variation in inbreeding depression and plant traits associated with pollinator attractiveness in two populations of Erysimum mediohispanicum. We found significant associations between ID and corolla diameter and stalk height, being taller plants with larger corollas those undergoing a lower intensity of inbreeding depression.


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"There is natural synergy between education — the transfer of knowledge — and research — the creation of knowledge"
Nature, editorial 15-oct-2014


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