Enrique Pérez Sánchez-Cañete’s research is focused on improving knowledge of subterranean CO2 dynamics, distinguishing which are the drivers involved in its transport and exchange with the atmosphere. In October of 2009 I finished my studies of Bachelor Science in Environmental Sciences. From 2007-2009 I worked as technical support staff for a research project based on the regeneration of post-fire vegetation, collaborating with departments of Ecology and Applied Physics of the University of Granada. I received a master’s degree in Geophysics and Meteorology from the same university. In late 2009, I started my doctoral research in the Department of Desertification and GeoEcology in the Arid Zone Experimental Station of (CSIC). In June of 2013, I defended my dissertation titled “Characterization of CO2 exchanges in deep soils and caves and their role in the net ecosystem carbon balance” and obtained the degree of International Doctor from the University of Granada in the field of Earth Science. After defending my doctoral thesis and for the entire 2014, I worked as a postdoctoral in the Arid Zone Experimental Station (CSIC). I got a IOF Marie Curie Fellowship to research during 2015-2016 in the University of Arizona in the Biosphere2 department and during 2017 at the University of Granada. During 2018-2019 I worked with a Post-doctoral grant, “Juan de la Cierva Incorporación” at the Applied Physics Department, UGR. Since the end of 2019 I am a Permanent Professor at the University of Granada