version 2.0

Software application for simulation of sound perception through a cochlear implant
English translation by Rafael de la Torre


Ángel de la Torre Vega
Marta Bastarrica Martí
Rafael de la Torre Vega
Manuel Sainz Quevedo
  University of Granada, Spain
Granada, December 2004
All rights reserved.
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Executable file:   ci_sim.exe (453 kB)
Help file:   ci_sim.chm (301 kB)
Zipped file: (716 kB) (ci_sim.exe + ci_sim.chm)
Documentation in PDF:   ci_sim.pdf (1056 kB)
NOTE: The help file ci_sim.chm is required to run Cochlear Implant Simulation.

The authors hereby allow the distribution, copy and usage of this software with no profit motive in mind. When this software is copied or distributed, both the executable file and the help file must be included. The modification of the executable or help files, the distribution of modified versions or the application of methods for inverse engineering to this software is not allowed without explicit permission from the owner of the copyright. The authors distribute this software without any type of guarantee since the distribution is free. The authors are not responsible of any damage derived from its usage.

Description and usage of the program:

1.- Hardware and software requirements

2.- Software installation

3.- What is “Cochlear Implant Simulation”?

4.- Sound perception through a cochlear implant

5.- How does “Cochlear Implant Simulation” work?

6.- How has “Cochlear Implant Simulation” been developed?

7.- What is not “Cochlear Implant Simulation”?

8.- Version history

9.- The authors

               COCHLEAR IMPLANT SIMULATION       version 2.0              

Copyright: ATV, MBM, RTV, MSQ, University of Granada, Spain
Granada, December 2004
All rights reserved.