Mission & Vision

Functional Unit Academic Centres: Mission & Vision
in Universidad de Granada's Strategic Plan context

1. Mission

Academic Centres in Universidad de Granada (Administrative Secretary and Reception Service) have to fulfill the mission of supporting Academic and Investigation, University Education, in general, and academic, administrative and service process leading to graduate & postgraduate certificates.

Academic Centres, within the framework of UGR's Strategic Plan, are aimed by por the values of respect to people's dignity and liberty, justice, equality and co-responsibility in sustainable development.

(Of direct application, specially, Strategic Axis IV. A participatory University, of co-responsibility for decision making and adaptive capacity. Objetive 3. Impulse to modernization of services offered by UGR.)

2. Vision

UGR's Academic Centres aspire to:

  • Distinguish themselves as prestigious administrations, within UGR, integrated by dinamic, professional & warrant of an excelent service staff.
  • Become an administration positively considered by users.
  • Achieve optimal results on management.
  • Have continuos search of excelence as an essential & priority objetive.

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