For companies


The Sleep and Health Promotion Laboratory is open to collaboration with any company that, directly or indirectly, is dedicated to the service of sleep or is interested in applied research on the quality of sleep.

Beyond the means of sponsorship and/or collaboration offered by the Sleep Research Cathedra, through which the company would become a sponsor of the Chair and its logo would appear in all related information, there are other possible options for collaboration. One of them is through the presentation of research projects jointly to public entities that finance collaborative research companies / universities.

These calls constitute an excellent opportunity to obtain public funding that allows the realization of innovative projects of experimental development, focused on the creation of new products or the improvement of other existing ones in diverse thematic lines. We believe that for any company, joint participation in these calls could offer the possibility of developing new ways of satisfying the needs of its customers. We, as expert dream researchers, could effectively help them in this task through different ways of action.

On the one hand, sleep problems are becoming more frequent in today’s society and, in turn, are a risk factor for other problems (e.g., development of very common mental disorders such as anxiety and depression, increased risk of traffic accidents, possible acquisition or maintenance of unhealthy lifestyle habits, etc.). This means that the population is increasingly interested in the use of techniques and/or applications that help them to assess and manage their sleep problems in order to achieve better rest. However, although new products of this type are appearing on the market, very few really have scientific evidence to support them, something that would allow collaboration with our laboratory.

On the other hand, the collaborative project should not be focused exclusively on sleep. For example, we could also evaluate the effectiveness of a product that, in combination with a good quality of sleep, favours the acquisition and maintenance of other lifestyle habits that are very much desired at present (good diet, reduction of smoking, practice of physical activity, etc.). In addition, it could be aimed at the general population as well as at people with specific physical or mental pathologies and in different age ranges. The efficacy of the product in the short and long term could also be assessed. And another of the advantages of our collaboration would be the dissemination of the results at European and international level in scientific journals, which is the best guarantee of a health product.

In short, the options for carrying out a joint study or project are very diverse and collaboration with our laboratory could be extremely advantageous for any company. In addition, we already have experience in this field thanks to the collaboration agreement signed with the company LoMonaco Group.

If you are interested in this topic and would like some kind of collaboration, please contact us.