PORTA LINGUARUM, No. 38, June 2022




Journal committees and other data



-        Impacto del factor frecuencia en la didáctica de estructuras verbales preposicionales en español para sinohablantes, ROSA ANA MARTÍN VEGAS

-        Using generalizability theory to investigate the variability and reliability of EFL composition scores by human raters and e-rater, ELIF SARI and TURGAY HAN

-        How EFL primary teachers define literacy: An empirical study, RAQUEL FERNÁNDEZ FERNÁNDEZ, NATHAN JAMES FLORIAN and BLANCA ARTEAGA MARTÍNEZ

-        New genres and new approaches: Teaching and assessing product pitches from a multimodal perspective in the ESP classroom, INMACULADA FORTANET GÓMEZ and NURIA EDO MARZÁ

-        The use of TikTok in higher education as a motivating source for students, MARÍA SALOMÉ YÉLAMOS GUERRA and MARÍA GARCÍA GÁMEZ

-        Examining foreign language listening anxiety and its correlates: A meta-analysis, RUI LI

-        Clases en línea y competencia digital en estudiantes taiwaneses de español durante la pandemia COVID-19, JAVIER PÉREZ RUIZ

-        In-house CBI materials and English language education, ALI IŞIK

-        Acquisition of L3 Spanish combinations: Development in multilingual contexts, HUI-CHUAN LU, AN CHUNG CHENG and MENG-HSIN YEH

-        L’influence translinguistique sur la production orale en français L3: Le cas des enfants-apprenants iraniens, MARZIEH MEHRABI ET NOUSHIN DANESHVAR HAKIMI MEIBODI

-        Construction and validation of self-Esteem in the foreign language classroom scale, SEFLS, PABLO A. CANO-JIMÉNEZ and FERNANDO D. RUBIO-ALCALÁ

-        Effectiveness of textually-enhanced captions on Chinese High-school EFL learners’ incidental vocabulary learning, HUIZHEN WU and XIAOHU YANG

-        How to keep the current flowing? Factors contributing to the longevity of directed motivational currents, ARKADIUSZ PIETLUCH

-        Creation and validation of a bilingual test to estimate aural and written vocabulary size, MARTÍN AOIZ PINILLOS

-        Percepciones del profesorado sobre la implementación de AICLE en la Región de Murcia, ANA ISABEL GARCÍA ABELLÁN

-        Does video self-analysis influence pre-service language teachers’ position within CLIL settings?CRISTINA DÍAZ MARTÍN and MARÍA ELENA GÓMEZ PARRA

-        Composición escrita del alumnado y expectativas de sus docentes. Una investigación en Educación Primaria, DOMINGO ALBARRACÍN VIVO, EDUARDO ENCABO FERNÁNDEZ, y AMANDO LÓPEZ VALERO


Book Reviews

-        Eye tracking in second language acquisition and bilingualism: A research synthesis and methodological guide, TING HU, HAIMING XU

-        Curriculum development in English for Academic Purposes: A Guide to Practice, YALI SHI

-        Situating language learning strategy use: Present issues and future trends, WEILI WANG

-        Cognitive bases of second language fluency, YAN DA

-        Oral corrective feedback in theory and practice, MARI KRUSE

-        Camino al chino, MiGUEL GONZÁLEZ GONZÁLEZ

-        Frontiers of L2 Chinese language education: A global perspective, SIYING WU, FAN FANG

-        Chinese linguistics: An introduction, CHIARA ULIANA

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