Porta Linguarum, Issue 35, January 2021






Journal committees and other data





-      A study of the differences among EFL/ESL methods for reading comprehension and language awareness, ISABEL NÚÑEZ-VÁZQUEZ and RAFAEL CRISMÁN-PÉREZ.

-      Perceptions of linguistically responsive teaching in language specialist teachers and mainstream teachers, ROSA M. RODRÍGUEZ IZQUIERDO.

-      La dramatización como eje vertebrador en el aula ELE de la Universidad de Lublin ELE, PAULINA NOWAKOWSKA y JUAN DE DIOS VILLANUEVA ROA.

-      Coupling text structure and self-regulated strategy instruction for ESL primary school students’ writing outcomes, MARK FENG TENG.

-      Teaching psychology at university using the content and language integrated learning (CLIL) approach, JOSÉ I. NAVARRO-GUZMÁN, ELENA ROMERO-ALFARO, INMACULADA MENACHO-JIMÉNEZ and ESTÍBALIZ ARAGÓN-MENDIZÁBAL.

-      Key Factors to Evaluate the Impact of Bilingual Programs: Employability, Mobility and Intercultural Awareness, MARÍA ELENA GÓMEZ-PARRA, CRISTINA A. HUERTAS-ABRIL and ROBERTO ESPEJO-MOHEDANO.

-      Using phonics to develop the emergent English literacy skills of Spanish Learners, SARA ISABEL RENDÓN-ROMERO, MACARENA NAVARRO-PABLO and EDUARDO GARCÍA-JIMÉNEZ.

-      Cinema as a didactic tool in the secondary school foreign language classroom: French,IMAD BOUSSIF and ESTEFANÍA SÁNCHEZ AUÑÓN.

-      L2 writers’ perspectives on face-to-face and anonymous peer review: Voices from China, SUGENE KIM and YIZHOU LAN.

-      Learning foreign languages through content and language integrated learning in physical education: A systematic review, VÍCTOR GIL-LÓPEZ, SIXTO GONZÁLEZ-VÍLLORA and DAVID HORTIGÜELA-ALCALÁ.

-      A cross-sectional study on task type and negotiation of meaning in CLIL childchild interaction, MARIA ÁNGELES HIDALGO and RAÚL AZPILICUETA-MARTÍNEZ.

-      Motivación y competitividad: Un estudio en el aula de japonés como lengua Extranjera, KYOKO ITO-MORALES y JERÓNIMO MORALES-CABEZAS.

-      What key stakeholders think about CLIL programmes: Commonalities and differences of perspective, JUAN DE DIOS MARTÍNEZ AGUDO and LAURA VICTORIA FIELDEN BURNS.

-      Learning English in the shadows: Taiwanese students’ reflections on their English private tutoring learning experiences, CHANG CHIH-HAO.

-      A model of language students’ sustained flow, personal best, buoyancy, evaluation apprehension, and academic achievement, SAFOURA JAHEDIZADEH, BEHZAD GHONSOOLY and AFSANEH GHANIZADEH.

-      ESL learners’ writing as a window onto discourse competence, JONGBONG LEE.

-      Supporting listening comprehension by social network-based interaction in mobile assisted language learning, TIMOTHY READ, AGNES KUKULSKA-HULME and ELENA BÁRCENA.

-      Effects of recasts, clarification requests on suprasegment development of English Intonation,WEI ZHANG, HUI CHANG and YI LIAO.


Book Reviews

-      Audiovisual translation in the foreign language classroom: applications in the teaching of English and other foreign languages, JÚLIA SANCHIS TOLSÀ.

-      Comunicación intercultural en la enseñanza de lenguas extranjeras, LUCIA CABRERA ROMERO

-      Key questions in language teaching, CUNEYT DEMIR.

-      Manual de análisis sintáctico. Metodología y práctica, ADELA GONZÁLEZ FERNÁNDEZ.


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