Porta Linguarum,  issue 32, June 2019



Contents and Introduction




Measuring Receptive Vocabulary Knowledge of Young Learners of English, SUZAN KAVANOZ AND BURCU VAROL.

Physical Activity and Self-concept in Bilingual and Non-bilingual Schools: An Analysis through Structural Equations, FÉLIX ZURITA ORTEGA, JOSÉ LUIS ORTEGA MARTÍN AND MANUEL CASTRO SÁNCHEZ.

The Relationship between Language Learning Strategies and Lexical Complexity Measures, ERVIN KOVACEVIC.

Use of Literature, Resources and Innovative Methodologies in the English Classroom, LORENA TORRANO, ANTONIA CASCALES AND Mª ENCARNACIÓN CARILLO.

University Teachers’ Perceptions at the Early Stages of a Bilingual Teacher Education Programme, ELVIRA BARRIOS AND AURORA LÓPEZ GUTIÉRREZ.

Exploring Pre-service and In-service teachers’ perceptions about Early Foreign Language Learning and Dyslexia,MILENA KOŠAK BABUDER AND SAŠA JAZBEC.

The Importance of Certification of English Medium Instruction teachers in Higher Education in Spain, ERNESTO MACARO, ANTONIO JIMÉNEZ-MÚÑOZ AND DAVID LASAGABASTER

Estudio comparativo experimental entre un entorno virtual y otro presencial en una asignatura de Inglés, PILAR DE JUAN GONZÁLEZ

English Learning and its Relationship with Homework in Primary Education, Mª ELENA PARRA-GONZÁLEZ AND EVA Mª OLMEDO-MORENO

Does Methodology Affect the Students’ Perceived Level of English Proficiency? A case Study, VIRGINIA VINUESA BENÍTEZ AND ANA ISABEL CID-DID

Complejidad y corrección de las construcciones con Ser/Estar en diferentes niveles de competencia del español como lengua extranjera, NURIA DE LA TORRE Y MARIA CECILIA AINCIBURU


Recensiones/Books reviews


International Perspectives on Critical Pedagogies in ELT,  DR. İSMAIL YAMAN

Integrating Information and Communication Technologies in English for Specific Purposes, MARY GRIFFITH.

Teaching EFL Learners Shadowing for Listening: Developing learners’ bottom-up Skills, XIANGDONG LI.


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