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Porta Linguarum , issue 15, January 2011







Reflecting on the Paradoxes of Foreign Language Teacher Education: A Critical System Analysis,  FRANÇOIS VICTOR TOCHON

Awareness of L1 and L2 word-formation mechanisms for the development of a more autonomous L2 learner,  ISABEL BALTEIRO

Detecting learning disorders in students’ written production in the foreign language: Are Learner Corpora of any Help?   MARÍA BELÉN DÍEZ BEDMAR

Mehrsprachigkeitfrüh fördern – Konzeptionelle Voraussetzungen in den Lehrplänen für das frühe Fremdsprachenlernen in drei Ländern,   SAŠA JAZBEC und ALJA LIPAVIC OŠTIR

Racial and social discrimination in the EFL class: The Case of the Roma Minority,   DANIEL MADRID

Cross-curricular teaching in Foreign Language classrooms of Jaen and Newcastle secondary schools,   DIEGO RASCÓN MORENO

Spanish and British Teacher Trainees on Exchange in Primary Schools Abroad: an Intercultural Experience in Educational Settings,  RAMIRO DURÁN MARTÍNEZ

Second language attrition and activation: Are multiple intelligences profiles and semantic categorization playing any role?   AMIR ROUHSHAD

The Use of Different Spelling Strategies among EFL Young Learners,   SASAN BALEGHIZADEH AND ZEINAB DARGAHI

Lexical temporal indicators: How do they affect beginning learners’ comprehension and processing a morphosyntactic feature?  AFSAR ROUHI and  MINA ALAWIZADEH,

A Comparative Study on Gender Agreement Errors in the Spoken Spanish of Heritage Speakers and Second Language Learners,  ELIZABETH A. MARTINEZ-GIBSON

Vocabulary Forgetting L1 and L2 Representations and Years of English disuse: Investigating the Possible Relations,  REZA ABBASIAN and YASER KHAJAVI

The Interactive Whiteboard And Foreign Language Learning: A case Study,  ANTONIO DURÁN and MÁRIO CRUZ

Cómo explotar textos para trabajar la lectura en el aula de lengua extranjera (inglés). Ejercicios para fomentar  la creatividad y la imaginación,  GLORIA LUQUE AGULLÓ


Recensiones/ Book reviews


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Key terms in Second Language Acquisition,  Bill VanPatten and Alessandro G. Benati (2010). Continuum International Publishing Group, by  ENRIQUE CEREZO

English Language Teaching in the European Transfer Credit System, Maria Luisa Pérez Cañado (ed.) (2009). Bern: peter Lang, by LUCIANO GARCÍA GARCÍA

Didáctica de las lenguas modernas: competencia plurilingüe e intercultural, Manuel González Piñeiro, Carmen Guillén Díaz y José Manuel Vez (2010), por  DANIEL MADRID