Natalia Jiménez Jiménez                                                       


      Associate Professor




            Dpto. de Economía, Métodos Cuantitativos

            e Historia Económica,

            Edificio 3, 3ª planta, despacho 19

            Universidad Pablo de Olavide,

            Carretera de Utrera, Km 1

            41013 Sevilla, Spain


             Tel: +34 954 977 608




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Teaching (academic year 2017/18)

§  Introduction to Economics

§  Behavioral Economics 

Research interests

§  Labor Markets and Voting.

§  Social networks.

§  Social Preferences (Trust) and Coordination Games.



§  “The Effect of Initial Inequality on Meritocracy: A Voting Experiment on Tax Redistribution” (with E. Molis-Bañales and A. Solano-García), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, forthcoming.

§   “Thinking fast, thinking badly” (with I. Rodriguez-Lara, J-R Tyran and E. Wengström), Economics Letters, 2017, forthcoming. (manuscript)

§   “Job security and long-term investment: An experimental analysis” (with G. Charness, R. Cobo-Reyes, J.A. Lacomba and F. Lagos), European Economic Review, 95, 195 – 214, 2017. (abstract)

§  “Eliciting real-life social networks: a guided tour” (with P. Brañas Garza and G. Ponti), Journal of Behavioral Economics for Policy, 1(1), 33 – 39, 2017(manuscript)

§  “Experimentos económicos en el Mercado Laboral”. Revista de Economía Industrial, 403, 71-80, 2017. (manuscript)

Submitted papers

Book Chapters

Work in Progress