María Dolores Martínez-Miranda

Full Professor of Statistics (University of Granada, Spain)

Honorary Visiting Professor (Bayes Business School, City, University of London, UK)


Department of Statistics and Operations Research

Faculty of Science

University of Granada

Campus Fuentenueva s/n. 18071 Granada, Spain 

Phone: +34.958.24.04.91 (office) 

CV (January 2024)  










Short bio:


María Dolores (Lola) Martínez-Miranda is full professor of Statistics in the University of Granada (Spain). She started her research career with a PhD on local linear regression and bandwidth selection at the University of Granada. In 2012 she was awarded with an individual Fellowship for career development in the Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships framework for two years. As Senior Research Fellow in Bayes (formerly Cass) Business School, City, University of London, and with Prof. Jens P. Nielsen, she developed an interdisciplinary research project in Mathematics with high impact in the insurance industry. The project gave explicit solutions to the perhaps single most important methodological issue of Solvency II: monitoring the risk of outstanding liabilities. This fellowship has had an extremely positive impact on her scientific career, which benefits from diversification and internationalization. International appointments include postdoctoral stays at the University of Mannheim (Prof. Enno Mammen), University of Oxford (Prof. Bent Nielsen), University of Berkeley (Prof. Nicholas Jewell), University of Geneva and University of Göttingen (Prof. Stefan Sperlich), and KU Leuven (Prof. Ingrid Van Keilegom). Currently she keeps active and fruitful international collaborations especially with Bayes Business School, where she is Honorary Visiting Professor.

Her research interests focus on theoretical and methodological aspects in the non-parametric estimation of fundamental functions in Statistics (density, hazard and intensity and regression), as well as applications in actuarial science, epidemiology, and demography. She has published more than forty papers in JCR including Journal of the Royal Statistical Series B and A, Biometrika and Journal of the American Statistical Association. She is part of an internationally recognized research group in non-parametric statistics in Spain, leaded by Prof. Wencelao González Manteiga (University of Santiago de Compostela).

She is Associate Editor of Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Journal of Nonparametric Statistics, and Econometrics and Statistics.

In November 2023 she was designated as president-elect of the Spanish Society of Statistics and Operations Research (SEIO).