Dr.Dr. Juan Manuel Górriz Sáez

PROFESSOR (CATEDRÁTICO DE UNIVERSIDAD)                                  

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Faculty of Science
Physics Section, 3rd Floor
Fuentenueva s/n ZC-18071
Granada, Spain
U. Cambridge:
Cambridge Neuroscience
Juan Manuel Górriz Sáez

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Funding Opportunities

Juan Manuel Górriz is interested in considering applications from PhD and Post-doc students. See European and Spanish Calls at:

European Commission:         European Commission

Spanish Ministry of Science: Spanish Science

About me

Juan Manuel Górriz received the BSc. degrees in Physics and Electronic Engineering from the University of Granada (Spain) in 2000. He then earned the Ph.D. degrees from the Universities of Cádiz and Granada in 2003 and 2006, respectively. He has coauthored more than 300 technical journals and conference papers and has served as editor and reviewer of several journals and conference proceedings. He is actually head of the SiPBA group and collaborates as principal investigator with top research centers around the world, i.e. University of Regensburg, NorthEastern University, University of Cambridge, LM University of Munich, University of Liege, University of Milan, University of Aveiro, etc. He is currently a Full Professor with the Data Science and Computational Intelligence Institute (DASCI) at the University of Granada. His present interests lie in the field of statistical signal processing in biomedical applications.