Gonzalo Jiménez-Moreno, Ph.D.

Professor, Universidad de Granada, Spain


In this website you will find information about my education, research, teaching and other interests. Email me for any questions.

•Ph.D. - Palynology, Université Claude-Bernard Lyon-1, Lyon, France and Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain


•Master of Science –Paleontology, Universidad de Granada(2001)

•Bachelor of Science - Geology, Universidad de Granada (1999)

Late Quaternary, Pliocene and Miocene vegetation and climate reconstructions, with a focus on forests from the western United States and Europe.

Micropaleontology, Geology 101


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Research Interests


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Other interests

I love playing music. I have played in several bands since 1995 -

Manneken Pis, Maine, Mei long, Bisagra, Jordan and

Vavaverde. I also enjoy making music  in my home studio - check

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