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Our research group is interested in different topics of Evolutionary Ecology, focused on Mediterranean fauna. Mainly, we combine fieldwork and biochemical, immunological, and genetic analyses to study processes of local adaptation, life-history evolution, and the evolution of animal communication.

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Are amphibians tracking their climatic niches in response to climate warming? A test with Iberian amphibians

Short-term impact of a small wildfire on the lizard Psammodromus algirus (Linnaeus, 1758): A Before-After-Control-Impact study

MIZUTAMA: A quick, easy, and accurate method for counting erythrocytes

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Fitter frogs from polluted ponds: The complex impacts of
human‐altered environments
Beyond sexual dimorphism and habitat boundaries: Coloration correltes with morphology, age, and locomotor performance in a toad

Vitamin E supplementation -but not induced oxidative stress- influences telomere dynamics during early development in wild passerines


Breeding Biology of Montagu's Harrier Circus pygargus in South-Eastern Spain




Dr. Gregorio Moreno-Rueda (Lab Head)

gmr (at) ugr.es