Universidad de Granada Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

Seismic stratigraphic and sedimentologic studies of clastic continental margins in high and low latitudes with the following themes:

  • Global environmental and paleoclimate change
  1. History of sea-level change and ice sheet growth, distribution and decay during the Cenozoic.
  2. High-resolution sedimentologic and stratigraphic studies for Late Quaternary
    paleoclimatic change at time scales ranging from hundreds to thousands of
  3. Sedimentary processes and facies in the fluvial-marine and glacial-marine environments from continental shelf to abyssal plain: paleoenvironmental, paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic significance.
  • Geohazards
  1. Slope processes and stability, including the study of the origin and evolution of
    submarine canyons and associated base-of-slope depositional systems.
  2. Paleoseismicity record in Holocene sediments.
  • Resource Assesment
  1. Origin and evolution of submarine canyons and associated base-of-slope turbidite systems.
  2. Contourite systems.


Last Updated: 23/10/06