Annex 10, letter sent by IBERIA to Arturo Quirantes,  15 May 2.003
(for privacy reasons, some data have been hidden)


PNR Data Elements Required from Air
Carriers and Global Distribution Systems (GDSs)

PNR record locator code
Date of reservation
Date(s) of intended travel
Other manes on PNR
Number of travelers on PNR
Seat information
All forms of payment information
Billing address
Contact telephone numbers
All travel itinerary for specific PNR
Frequent flyer information (limted to miles flown and address(es))
Travel agency
Travel agent
Code share PNR information
Travel status of passenger
Split/Divided PNR information
Identifiers for free tickets
One-way tickets
Email address
Ticketing field information
ATFQ fields
General remarks
Ticket number
Seat number
Date of ticket issuance
Any collected APIS information
No show history
Number of bags
Bag tab numbers
Go show information
Number of bags on each segment
OSI information
SSI information
SSR information
Voluntary/involuntary upgrades
Received from information
All historical changes to the PNR

TSA Additional PNR Requirements [TSA will require that air carriers collect and complete these particular fields]
Traveler's full name
Date of birth
Complete home address
Home phone number