• Latest issue of the journal Arenal: Revista de historia de las mujeres analyses the biographies of women researchers to develop a feminist history of the sciences

  • Researchers from the University of Granada provide new data on the consequences of using different styles of humour, emphasising the importance of analysing cultural differences in future psychological research.

  • An international group of scientists led by the University of Granada has established that the consumption of these kinds of fats causes a series of alterations in the liver which can result in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis NASH).

  • Study led by the University of Granada warns that health systems need to address this problem systematically, since as well as affecting the quality of life of pregnant women, insomnia is a risk factor for high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes mellitus, depression, preterm birth and unplanned caesarean sections. 

  • A study led by the University of Granada reveals that among individuals who have been evicted, 88% suffer from anxiety and 91% from depression

  • 205 participants from Granada and its metropolitan area who have undergone evictions took part in the study

Researchers from the University of Granada have published the first randomised controlled trial of the effects of tramadol on cognitive and sports performance.

  • Researchers conducted CT scans of four mummies found during excavations in Aswan, southern Egypt
  • An international research team has established that the woman with breast cancer died around 2000 B.C., while the man with multiple myeloma died around 1800 B.C.

New theory developed by Prof. Andrew Kowalski, which records non-diffusive gas transport, key to calculating water use efficiency and CO2 concentrations in plants

The UGR’s 2nd International Conference on Transmedia Storytelling: The Monsters between Fiction and Non-fiction was launched on Wednesday 29 November at the Faculty of Communication and Documentation.

The University of Granada has become the second-ranked university in Spain in terms of highly cited researchers