Member's Card

You can apply for a Sports Centre Member's Card if one of the following apply:

  • You are a member of the UGR community

  • You are a UGR graduate

  • You are an associate of the UGR

There are two ways that you can obtain the members card:

  1. By applying online - you will then need to collect the card from one of our two Sports Centres.

  2. Directly at the reception of one of our two Sports Centres.

The CAD member’s card gives you numerous advantages, such as:

  • Use of the sports centre facilities at university member rates

  • University member rates on courses and use of sports centre facilities

  • The chance to participate in competitions organised by the sports centre

The card must be renewed every year for each academic course.

To obtain the Sports Centre card you must also show your N.I.E, Passport or Student Card at the Sports Centre office in order to verify your identity. The card is free for members of the university community and also for the spouses and children of academics, researchers and other UGR staff.

Alumni and UGR associates should consult the following link for the current fees for the card.