Women's and Gender Studies Institute

Women's and Gender Studies Institute

The Women's and Gender Studies Institute is committed to conducting world-class research in the fields of women’s studies, feminism, and gender studies.

The Institute was set-up in 1985 by a group of female teachers and students who became aware of the fundamental importance of incorporating feminist perspectives into academic teaching and research at the UGR. Their mission was to develop a non-androcentric science at the University which would provide the opportunity to tackle gender inequality issues between men and women.

Teachers and researchers at the IEM are currently involved in conducting research in the following areas:

  • Gender analysis and feminised professions

  • Gender relations

  • The body and sexuality

  • Feminist literary theory

  • Evaluation and analysis of women’s Studies

  • Women, family and heritage

  • Feminisation of poverty

  • Sources of information and women’s studies

  • Gender, health, and medicine

  • Gender, work, space, and power relations

  • Gender and sport

  • African feminism(s)

  • Gender and mental health

  • Gender, documentation and new technology

  • Gender, work and power relations

  • Gender and social inequality: migrations, development, and social wellbeing

  • Gender and peace

  • Gender and psychology

  • Women’s history and gender relations

  • Adolescents, young people, and gender relations

  • Literature and feminist literary theory

  • Medicine, science and gender

  • Women in the plastic arts and literature

  • Professionals: Female educators, doctors, social workers, scientists...

  • Feminist political activists and democracy

  • Feminist perspectives in social anthropology

  • Scientific production and educational models created by women

  • Scientific production and discourse for and by women

  • Health and feminism

  • Translation and feminism

The Institute has made considerable contributions to feminism, both in theoretical and practical terms. Over the last number of decades it has participated in countless research projects, offered over 100 courses, hundreds of conferences, and has worked tirelessly to promote national and international networks working in the field of women’s and gender studies.

At the centre, we are also fully committed to promoting dialogue and debate in society on gender issues. To achieve this we regularly organise conferences and seminars which are open to the public. Moreover, we strive to promote the work of our researchers by ensuring that their key research developments are published in academic journals. The Colección Feminae journal was launched by the IEM in 1989 and continues to explore and undercover the complex reality of gender relations.

To learn more about our research Institute and our current lines of research, and to find out more information on how to join one of our research groups, please visit The Women's and Gender Studies Institute Homepage.