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The Universidad de Granada provides the University Community with a wide range of cultural activities such as musical concerts, poetry, various conferences, cinema, courses, seminars, exhibitions etc. The aim of all these activities is to provide a link between university life and the other elements of the city, society and culture. Theatre

Cooperation and development

International cooperation and development aid is an obligation that the Universidad de Granada is delighted to assume; the University collaborates with public and private institutions to provide services and meet pressing needs that arise in our local environment as well as in areas of the Third World, with a special emphasis on North Africa and Latin America.


Physical activity and sport are an important part of university life. The purpose of the Sporting Activities Centre at the Universidad de Granada is to allow all members of the University Community to take part in all kinds of sporting activities: athletics, swimming, climbing etc. This centre is also responsible for organising various sporting events such as the Trofeo Rector (Rector's Trophy). Sports at the UGR

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