Joint Statement of the Rectors of All Public Universities in Andalusia - 20h00

Fri, 03/13/2020 - 07:16
Joint Statement of the Rectors  of All Public Universities in Andalusia

20:00 hours

As a result of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in our Autonomous Community, the Andalusian universities, in line with the directives of the Autonomous Government of Andalusia, hereby communicate the suspension of all on-site teaching activities (both theoretical and practical) with effect from Monday, 16 March, until 30 March. On that date, the situation will be reviewed.

By extension, the follow activities will also be temporarily suspended:

  • Courses and activities scheduled to be held on university premises.

  • Cultural activities.

  • Curricular and extra-curricular activities conducted in university facilities. Those curricular and extra-curricular activities conducted beyond university facilities may still take place, depending on the external entity concerned.

  • Field trips.

  • The fulfilment of work assignments requiring travel beyond the university, including Examination Committees for oposiciones, participation in competitive selection processes and participation in doctoral thesis defences.

Temporary closure will also be applied to libraries, study rooms and sports facilities.

The refectory, café and photocopying service will remain open, providing their continued operation fully adheres to the preventative measures recommended by the relevant Health Authorities.

University Academic and Research Staff (PDI) and Administrative and Support Staff (PAS) will continue to provide a normal service with the exception of face-to-face on-site teaching activities.

PDI are required to fulfil their teaching obligations and to seek alternative means to deliver their teaching input by remote means.

PAS are reminded that the closure to the public of sites or facilities from which they ordinarily deliver their services does not mean that those services are suspended.

Under these highly exceptional circumstances, the Rectors of Andalusian Public Universities call on the entire university community in Andalusia to display the utmost responsibility and commitment to rigorously following the guidelines provided by the Health Authorities.


In the case of the University of Granada, these measures are extended to its campuses in Ceuta and Melilla.

The University of Granada’s Monitoring and Coordinating Committee responsible for tracking the current epidemiological situation is currently working on the detail of the measures being adopted and the specific instructions relevant to different members of the university community, which will be issued shortly.

In the meantime, the Committee will continue to analyse this situation and update the university community accordingly via the institutional website, which remains the primary communication channel for all decisions taken by this Committee.

It is essential that the general public, and the university community in particular, follow the official guidelines provided by the Health Authorities and pay attention exclusively to information from official sources.


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