Seminario: "Modeling of composite timber structures"

Seminario del Máster de Estructuras de la Universidad de Granada, impartido por Kay Uwe Shober (Mainz University of Applied Sciences Institute of Innovative Structures (iS-mainz). Professor of Timber Engineering and Structural Design).

Resumen: In recent years composite structures for upgrading or rehabilitation of new and existing timber floors have been become famous in research. The range covers the determination of the properties of the connectors and the internal stresses for the short term and long term loading. At the same time, timber composites, e.g. timber-concrete-composites (TCC), fiber-reinforced plastic composites (FRPC) or glued laminated structures (CLT) have been realized in practice, so the academic knowledge has already been transferred to real buildings. In the lecture relevant aspects of the design of timber composites will be presented, focusing of TCC structures and their introduction as Eurocode 5 part 1-3:2022. Difficulties exist in using the models and formulas for discontinuous systems in rehabilitation. Therefore, simple numerical models for the daily work will be introduced and discussed followed by a design example.