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The University of Granada, now almost five times centenary, is a reference in the city of Granada both for its teaching and research quality and for its University Extension activities that intensively support the cultural development and other areas of our city. For this reason, we firmly believe in this city project and we assure our support to the headquarters of the Spanish Agency for the Supervision of Artificial Intelligence (AESIA).

The University of Granada (UGR) is intensely present in its city, currently the city with the highest university attendance in southern Spain, which makes it one of the university capitals par excellence in our country. Our institution combines the rich experience of its long tradition with the dynamism and youth of its more than 45,000 undergraduate students, who are added to those studying postgraduate and complementary courses to bring the figure to almost 60,000 students. This, in turn, explains why the University of Granada is so relevant in its local, provincial, regional and national context and, at the same time, gives an idea of the enormous potential it holds for future development in these four territorial areas.

Undoubtedly, a powerful university ecosystem such as that of the UGR in the field of AI will serve as a fundamental support for the Spanish AI Supervisory Agency, both in the field of training and research. It is a reality that the UGR has become a world reference in the area of AI, as shown by its position in the different university rankings, the latest of which places it as the third university in the world in this field.

The institution is firmly committed to promoting an environment that recognises and supports research excellence. As a political priority, in 2022 the University of Granada presented its "Strategic Plan 2031" in which research excellence is one of its guiding principles, which includes a firm commitment to excellent research, favouring international orientation, attracting talent, training young researchers and transfer to society. Excellence in research is our hallmark for the generation of knowledge that contributes to development, progress and social welfare.

This commitment to quality research is also fundamental in the recognition that the various rankings awarded to the UGR has placed the University of Granada, not only in AI, but also in related fields such as engineering or computer science.

In recent years, a great effort has been made to link the strategy of the UGR to the development of all research areas and, in particular, to those of great European and international relevance, such as Artificial Intelligence. In this area in particular, the UGR's commitment can be better understood with some figures: more than 250 PhDs working in AI and more than 300 in related subjects, which means more than half a thousand researchers of the institution immersed in this ecosystem in its various ramifications.

This ecosystem is heterogeneous, diverse and, therefore, particularly productive and with a broad outlook. It is made up, in fact, of research centres of excellence with business connections, with working groups based on Artificial Intelligence to which are added powerful groups working in the field of ethics in new technologies linked to Philosophy, Sociology and reliable AI; in legal sciences, which address the rights and duties of users in all legal regulation; in cybersecurity and blockchain, focused on increasing the security of our systems; in inclusive technologies, to bring technologies to all sectors of our society; in quantum computing, the technological revolution that needs to be understood; or in Spanish language, with an essential role in natural language processing. The research power of our entity is key for Granada to be known as a 'technological pole of reference'.

The European Union's approach to artificial intelligence focuses on excellence and trust with the aim of boosting research and industrial capacity while guaranteeing the security of fundamental rights. And the UGR, with its approach perfectly meets this objective with a teaching, research, heritage, cultural and service background that allows us to endorse the candidacy of the city of Granada as the official headquarters of the Spanish Agency for Artificial Intelligence Supervision.

The University of Granada expresses its firm commitment to the candidacy of AESIA and commits its material and human resources to the achievement of this objective.

More information about the candidacy and express support for it in Granada competes to be.... (spanish)