Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning

Prof María López-Jurado received her doctorate from the University of Granada in 1984 and became a University Professor in 2010. Since 1982, she has been lecturing on several undergraduate programmes at the UGR, such as Pharmacy, and Nutrition and Sports Science, while also teaching training programmes in Physiology, Physiopathology and Alterations in the Human Body. Moreover, since the founding of the Centre for Continuous Learning, she has been teaching both at its headquarters in Granada and at its provincial offices. She was invited by the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology of the University of Chile to develop teaching assignments and promote collaboration agreements in educational activities for doctoral candidates.

She lectures on the UGR Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Sports Science and on the UNIA Master’s Degree in Biotechnology, has held the position of Coordinator of the Doctoral Programme in Nutrition and Food Science and has also supervised ten doctoral theses. She is the author of numerous scientific articles and the co-author of several volumes and book chapters in world-renowned publications and JCR journals.

She is a member of the Regional Government of Andalusia Research Group AGR-145, and has participated in approximately thirty international and national research projects, acting as Principal Investigator on six of them. These projects are funded by several different bodies: the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (AECI), the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, the Regional Government of Andalusia, the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), the CENIT Programme, the Campus of International Excellence and the Granada Research Excellence Initiative in BioHealth (GREIB).

Her research focuses on nutritional studies of groups with physiological or pathological conditions, exploring the nutritional and functional assessment of legumes, food-drug interactions and the digestive and metabolic utilisation of nutrients. She was actively involved in the Copernicus Network Contract CIPA-CT92-4020 and took part in the organisation, coordination and development of the “Pan-European Scientific Network to improve the Quality of Protein rich Grain Legume Crops in Central and Eastern Europe for Animal/Human and Industrial Uses”.

Additionally, she actively participated in the organisation, coordination and monitoring of multiple European Conferences such as “Structuring the European Research Area. Human Resources and Mobility PROCOMDOC ” (2004) and “Improving Generic and Professional Communication of Doctoral Graduates across Europe. PROCOMDOC”. She acted as the UGR representative in the first meeting of the European DEWBLAM Project within the European Union GRUNDTVIG Programme.

Since 2008, she has been the Director of the Department of Physiology and since 1986 she has successively held several other influential positions at the University of Granada: Secretary of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Vice-Dean of Academic Organisation of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Director of the Grants and Student Support Unit, Director of First Cycles and the Provincial Centres of the Centre for Open Learning and Director of UGR Doctoral Studies.

She acted as a consultant during the curriculum development of the Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy and the Bachelor’s Degree in Speech and Language Therapy. She is also a member of the expert panel of the ACADEMIA Programme (ANECA) and the “Research and Third Cycle” working group, which was set up to develop the UGR Strategic Plan.

Address: Cuesta del Hospicio S/N C.P. 18071 Granada (Granada)
Phone: 958240677

María López Jurado