Vice-Rector for Equality, Inclusion and Sustainability

Fotografia de Margarita Sánchez Romero
Margarita Sánchez Romero
Vice-Rector for Equality, Inclusion and Sustainability

Margarita Sánchez Romero is a Senior Lecturer (Profesora Titular) at the Department of Prehistory and Archaeology at the University of Granada, where she is also a member of the Women's and Gender Studies Institute. She has been a postdoctoral grant holder in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Durham (United Kingdom), and has carried out research and teaching stays at the Universities of Bergen (Norway), Helsinki (Finland), Cambridge (United Kingdom), Hull (United Kingdom), Havana (Cuba), Comahue and Luján (Argentina), Los Lagos (Chile) and the Autonomous University of Puebla (Mexico).

Her research interests include women in archaeology and gender relations in the societies of late prehistory in southern Iberia, focusing on the study of everyday life, the body and its maintenance; and children in archaeology, with special interest in the processes of learning and socialisation. In relation to these topics she has published articles in journals such as Antiquity, Trabajos de Prehistoria, Oxford Journal of Archaeology, Childhood in the Past, Journal of Archaeological Science, Radiocarbon, and Journal of Anthropological and Archaeological Science. She has been the coordinator of monographs and is the author of book chapters published by Oxbow, Wiley, Síntesis, Icaria and Routledge. She has also organised numerous courses and seminars on these aforementioned subjects.

Dr. Sánchez Romero is interested in the relationships between archaeological heritage and society, especially in terms of the communication of science. In this sense, she collaborates actively with the Scientific Culture Unit (UCC) of the University of Granada and has participated in activities and programmes such as "Granada: City of Science", "Science up Close", "Café con Ciencia", the European Researchers' Night, "Coffeeversity" science talks and "Pint of Science". She has also taken part in television and radio programmes such as "El radioscopio", "ConCiencia", "Los reporteros", "Tesis" and "Para todos la 2". In 2017 she was a finalist in the FameLab scientific monologue competition organised by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), the British Council and La Caixa.

In 2006 she received the UGR Social Council Award for Young Researchers. In 2019 she received the “Carmen de Burgos” Feminist Dissemination Award from the University of Málaga. She has also been awarded the “Granada: City of Science and Innovation 2019” Award in the "Women in Science" category.

She is Chair of the Spanish Association for Research in Women's History (AEIHM), Vice-Chair of the Spanish Association of Women Researchers and Technologists (AMIT) in Andalusia, member of the Management Committee of the Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past, of the Technical Committee of the Archaeological Dolmens of Antequera and of the International Advisory Council of Peace History Society (USA). She also belongs to various editorial committees such as those of the "Arenal" journal, the "International Journal of Childhood in the Past", "Menga. Revista de Prehistoria de Andalucía", and "Spal. Revista de Prehistoria y Arqueología de la Universidad de Sevilla” journal. She is a member of the advisory board of the "Demeter Collection", of the scientific committee of the PH (IAPH) journal and of the "Biblioteca Praehistorica Hispana" collection of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). She is a full academic member of the Science department of the Royal Academy of Noble Arts of Antequera.

She held the position of Director of the Women's and Gender Studies Institute at the University of Granada between 2008 and 2010. From 2010 to 2012 she was General Director of Cultural Heritage of the Regional Ministry of Culture and Historical Heritage (CCPH) of Andalusia. She has also been the coordinator of the Bachelor's Degree in Archaeology at the University of Granada. Currently, she is the Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Granada.

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