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María del Carmen García Garnica
María del Carmen García Garnica

María del Carmen García Garnica was born and educated in Granada. A Professor (Catedrática) of Civil Law since 2012, she holds a Doctoral Degree in Law and completed a specialist postgraduate course in Consumer Protection Law.

She has obtained recognition for 5 sexenios (six-year research periods), consisting of 4 research periods and 1 knowledge transfer period, accredited by the National Commission for the Evaluation of Research Activity (CNEAI). Prof García Garnica has participated in some thirty European, Spanish and regional research projects granted through competitive calls, serving as the Principal Investigator on many of them. In addition, she has participated in numerous teaching innovation projects, as well as tutorial action plans for students with disabilities. She has directed several Spanish and international doctoral programmes, as well as Master's Degrees and doctoral theses. She has more than a hundred publications in prestigious journals and books, and has presented a similar number of papers at national and international conferences.

Prof García Garnica has been a visiting researcher at several European universities, including the Universities of Bologna, Ferrara, London and Oxford. Her main lines of research focus on the social and legal protection of people in vulnerable situations due to age, dependency or disability; civil liability (particularly in the health and automotive fields) and vicarious liability and liability for harm caused on social networks; the financial market; the sharing economy; personal data protection; and e-contracts.

Her academic and research work has received several awards. These include a Special Mention in the National Awards for Excellence in Academic Performance (in recognition of her academic record); the UGR Excellence in Teaching Award; a "García Goyena" Award for her research on the legal treatment of the elderly and people in situations of dependency; and the "Carlos Tovar" Award in recognition of her research career as an advocate for the rights of minors and adolescents.

A committed member of the university community, she has combined her teaching, research and knowledge transfer work with various management roles. These include Academic Secretary of the Department of Civil Law (2002-2008), Director of the Continuing Education and Training Centre (2008-2009), Director of the International School for Postgraduate Studies (EIP) (2009-2011), Director for Teaching Innovation (2011-2015), Director of the Open Learning Outreach Programme for Over-50s (APFA) (2015-2021), UGR Data Protection Officer (2021-2023) and member of the Steering Committee of the Foundation for Legal Studies and Practice of Granada (2008-2021)

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