University of Granada Secretary

María Asunción Torres López
María Asunción Torres López
University of Granada Secretary

María Asunción Torres López is a Professor at the Department of Administrative Law. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Law with a First Class honours (University of Granada, 1993).

She obtained her Doctoral Degree in Law from the University of Granada with a Cum laude distinction by unanimous vote in 1997, and received the Best Doctoral Thesis Award from the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation of Granada. Upon completing her Undergraduate Degree in Law, Prof. Torres López obtained a Predoctoral Grant for the Training of University Lecturers (FPU) from the former Spanish Ministry of Education (1994-1998). During her doctoral studies, she completed several research mobility periods at prestigious international universities (Law Faculty of the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany, 1994; Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, 1995; University of Bologna, Italy, 1996; National University of Córdoba, Argentina, 1997). She continued her academic career at the Department of Administrative Law as a Part-time Associate Lecturer (Profesora Asociada) until she obtained a position as a Senior Lecturer by competitive examination in 2001. She obtained accreditation to become a professor in 2012 and was awarded the professorship in 2015.

Her research career, with four recognised "sexenios" (six-year research periods), has mainly focused on three lines: Telecommunications Law; New Technologies and Media; Environmental and Energy Law; and Law in Health, Social Services, Disability and Dependency. Each of these lines of research has led to numerous publications in prestigious publishing houses and journals in the field of legal sciences, as well as her participation in and management of several research projects through competitive calls. Furthermore, she has participated in several research projects, holding the role of principal investigator in 4 of them: R&D&I “Healthy habits and food safety: fighting obesity” (2017-ongoing); R&D&I project “Risks associated with the use of medicines and food consumption: pharmacovigilance and food safety” (2013); R&D&I project “Renewable energies and Local Administration” (2010); and the Project of Excellence “Renewable Energies and Local Administration” (2011). She is a member of other Spanish and international research projects and contracts, such as the NEWGOV project funded by the EU's Fourth Framework Programme (2004). She has carried out various research stays, including a 6-month stay at the University of Bologna and the University of Edinburgh, funded thanks to a Salvador de Madariaga grant (2003), and a stay at the Alexander Blewett School of Law at the University of Montana (2016). All of her stays have led to the consolidation of professional relationships and scientific collaborations between the UGR and these international universities. She has also completed short research stays at Harvard University, the University of Havana, Federal University of Pelotas, University of Coimbra and University of Trento, among others.

Her research has had a significant impact in terms of knowledge transfer, leading to contracts and research agreements with public and private bodies in the legal and social fields.

Not only does she teach undergraduate and graduate courses on degrees at the Faculty of Law, such as “Administrative Law 1 and 2”, but she also lectures on other courses taught in a wide range of degrees, especially on the Bachelor's Degree in Audiovisual Communication (e.g. “Legislation in Audiovisual Media and Telecommunications”). Since 2013, she has also been the Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Health Law, Bioethics and the Right to Health in the European Union. Moreover, she has acted as an examiner for multiple master’s dissertations submitted as part of the aforementioned programme and the Master's Degree in New Interactive Media and Multimedia Journalism. She has also taught a number of doctoral courses on Spanish and international programmes, and has delivered a wide range of seminars and conferences.

Prof. Torres López has a wealth of experience in the area of university management, holding positions such as Director of the Department of Administrative Law (since 2012) and Academic Secretary of the Department of Administrative Law (2008-2012). In addition, she has been a member of collegiate bodies such as the Governing Council (since 2016), the Research Committee, the Regulations Committee, and the Mentoring Circle of the Social Council.Furthermore, she is a member of the scientific, evaluation and executive committees of prestigious law journals, and acts as an evaluator for R&D projects supported by the National Agency for Assessment and Forecasting (ANEP).

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