The UGR participates in European ‘eTomato’ project to boost skills of farmers

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 15:34
Drawing of crops and livestock

Researchers from the University of Granada are currently participating in a 3-year EU project titled ‘eTOMATO’, which aims to develop and promote the technical capabilities needed to improve sustainability in multifunctional agriculture in the 21st century. The main objective of the project, which has brought 10 partners at 4 universities in Spain, Italy, Belgium and Bulgaria together, is to establish a basic theoretical and educational framework that will enhance the teaching and popularisation of multifunctional agriculture among young people throughout rural Europe, especially those with entrepreneurial aspirations.

Moreover, in order to maximise its impact on university communities, the project will focus on creating an international master’s degree that will unite universities, research centres, and agribusinesses. The master’s programme will concentrate on the use of new technologies and educational perspectives, while also drawing on experiences obtained in fieldwork.

The research team is currently formulating the theoretical framework and developing tools for the project, with a view to advancing in four strategic areas that act as the backbone of the initiative: care farming, rural tourism, agricultural education, and short food supply chains.

The researchers are also developing tests and interviews to collect feedback from experts, students, farmers and other stakeholders. At the same time, they are creating the educational tools and resources required to improve the skills of 21st-century farmers and rural entrepreneurs.


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