The UGR organises major event on scientific dissemination

Tue, 12/12/2017 - 13:37
Desgranando Ciencia

The University of Granada is set to take part in the 4th edition of Desgranando Ciencia, a large-scale scientific dissemination event that will take place from 14 to 16 December 2017. The event, which aims to bring science closer to society, will unite over 150 researchers and experts in the field of scientific dissemination. They will shed light on the latest advances in science, while also exploring the most effective and innovative practices related to scientific dissemination.

Desgranando Ciencia 4 will involve the participation of renowned professionals and specialists, such as the writer, comedian, and creator of the Spanish TV programme Órbita Laica, José A. Pérez Ledo; award-winning blogger and podcast creator Javier Peláez; journalist Susana Escudero; mathematician and expert in scientific dissemination, Clara Grima; artificial intelligence researcher Oscar Cordón (University of Granada); and Emilio José García, Director for Scientific Dissemination at the Andalusian Astrophysics Institute (CSIC). These specialists, among others, will deliver engaging 10-minute talks and papers on specific science topics.

This year’s edition also encompasses new programmes such as Desgranando Junior, which offers presentations, practical workshops and interactive experiences for children and adolescents. Photo exhibitions, book fairs, workshops, scientific poster competitions, and a certified course on scientific dissemination will also form part of this year’s event.

Desgranando Ciencia 4 will be held at the “Parque de las Ciencias” Science Museum and has been organised by the “Hablando de Ciencia” Association, the University of Granada, and the Andalusian Astrophysics Institute (CSIC).

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