The UGR offers doctoral students pioneering workshops on dissemination

Fri, 03/02/2018 - 14:16
Pioneering workshops on dissemination

The University of Granada’s three Doctoral Schools, in collaboration with the Communications Management Office (OGC), will deliver a pioneering scientific dissemination workshop for doctoral candidates in May 2018, following the tremendous success of the two last sessions in November 2017 and February 2018, respectively. The overarching aim of the workshops is to enable doctoral candidates at the UGR to effectively disseminate their research in traditional news media (print, radio and television) from the very beginning of their research careers.

The Director of the Doctoral School in Science, Technology and Engineering (EDCTI), Prof. Antonio García Casco, highlighted that the workshops have so far drawn an excellent response from UGR doctoral candidates, explaining that “thanks to this pioneering training they will learn how to develop a coherent and rigorous message about their research, conveying this message through audiovisual media, while also learning how to interact effectively with journalists”. Prof. García Casco added that the ability to identify the specific information being sought by journalists during interviews is fundamental when it comes to successfully communicating “the importance of the scientific research in question for a knowledge-based society”.


UGR Doctoral Candidates
UGR doctoral candidates performing radio interviews during the workshop.

The course is being coordinated and delivered by journalists Carlos Centeno (Communications Management Office/Dissemination of Science Unit) and Susana Escudero (Canal Sur Radio and Director of the scientific dissemination programme “El Radioscopio”). The Faculty of Communication and Documentation, where the sessions are being held, is also collaborating in the delivery of the course.

Students from the UGR’s three doctoral schools (Health Sciences; Science, Technology and Engineering; and Humanities, Social Sciences and Law) will participate in the next training session in May 2018.

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