The UGR to launch second Bilingualism Matters branch in Spain

Mon, 02/26/2018 - 08:17
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The Bilingualism Matters organisation, which focuses on bilingualism research and dissemination, will inaugurate a new branch at the University of Granada on Friday 23 February.

Bilingualism Matters is an international organisation that was originally founded as a Centre of Excellence at the University of Edinburgh. Currently, there are 17 international branches all around the world, and the University of Granada will now become the second branch of Bilingualism Matters in Spain and the eighteenth worldwide. Through this initiative, the UGR aims to create a space for the development of joint projects and establish a collaborative information network within the field of bilingualism research.

The main goal of Bilingualism Matters is to raise awareness about the social, cognitive and linguistic benefits of bilingualism and second language learning, and to share expertise (in an accessible format) with schools, policy-makers and the local community. A further aim is to help people who are interested in bilingualism and language learning, not only by providing information and answering their questions, but also by inviting them to participate in research activities.

To achieve this goal, the organisation is composed of an interdisciplinary team of psychologists, linguistics and speech therapists who are specialised in the study of bilingual processing and second language acquisition.

Distinguished specialists such as Antonella Sorace, Director of the Bilingualism Matters organisation and lecturer at the University of Edinburgh; Teresa Bajo, Coordinator of Bilingualism Matters in Granada (UGR); Cristóbal Lozano, lecturer at the Department of English and German Philology (UGR); Dorothy Kelly, Vice-Rector for Internationalization (UGR) and Carmen Caballero, Director for Language Policy (UGR), will take part in the opening ceremony.

Also taking part will be Marcin Sosinski, lecturer at the Department of Spanish Language (UGR) and member of the NGO Granada Acoge; José Luis Ortega, lecturer at the Department of Didactics of Language and Literature (UGR); Natividad Martínez Marín, Director for Multilingualism at the Provincial Department of Education; Antonio Reyes Gómez, Coordinator for Bilingualism at the hotel management school CPIFP Hurtado de Mendoza; and Elin Wikman, a member of the Bilingualism in Family organisation.

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Venue: “Carmen de la Victoria” Visitors Residence, University of Granada. Cuesta del Chapiz 9, 18010, Granada (Spain)

Date: 23 February, 17.00-19.00

Contact information:

María Teresa Bajo Molina

Coordinator of Bilingualism Matters in Granada

Phone: (+34) 958 243 769

E-mail: @email