Over 400 activities scheduled for European Researcher’s Night

Thu, 09/07/2017 - 00:36
Researchers' night Poster

European Researcher’s Night, an event coordinated by the European Commission, will bring together over 1500 researchers from 8 Andalusian cities to perform over 400 activities

About European Researchers’ Night

European Researchers´ Night, which takes place annually, is dedicated to celebrating popular science, fun learning, and to bringing researchers and society closer together. It allows you to meet the heroes of science; in other words, the researchers from different disciplines whose extraordinary work can change our lives. The event is a great opportunity to meet scientists in a friendly environment, interact with them, and discover the ways in which they contribute to society. This year, European Researchers’ Night will take place on 29 Sept 2017. The activities are billed as family-friendly and interactive, open to everyone, and are aimed at those of all ages. The programme encompasses hands-on experiments, practical workshops, science exhibitions, guided tours, live performances, and exciting educational workshops for children.


European Researchers’ Night in Andalusia (29 Sept 2017)

In Andalusia, the Night will once again be celebrated under the slogan “Women and men who conduct research for you”, with over 1500 researchers from 13 institutions taking part throughout the region. They will take to the streets and squares of 8 Andalusian cities, offering over 400 activities in total, all of which are designed to bring science closer to society. These entertaining activities cover practically all knowledge areas and will be presented in non-technical language.

In Almeria, for instance, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the anti-carcinogenic effects of “gazpacho” or the viability of insects as alternative food sources. In Cadiz, scientists will present workshops on sustainable agriculture and the underwater world. In Cordoba researchers will explain how our genes hibernate and activate and how our minds deceive us. Meanwhile, in Granada, researchers will present smart city models for Granada in 2031.

To view the full programme for European Researcher’s Night 2017 in Granada and Andalusia, visit the following website:



European Researcher’s Night is a European scientific dissemination project coordinated by the European Commission within the Marie Sktodowska-Curie Horizon 2020 programme and has taken place simultaneously in 250 European cities since 2005.